MIM production technology


Metal powder injection molding process (MIM in English) is a new type of manufacturing technology that combines powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding process.

For small, complex, precise, and high-performance metal parts, MIM is an effective manufacturing process. For modern traditional metal forming technologies, such as machining, precision casting materials and powder metallurgy, MIM is an economical choice. In applications where plastics and light alloys such as complex shapes and high-performance materials (high strength, corrosion resistance, and high permeability) cannot meet the requirements of plastics and light alloys, the advantages of MIM are outstanding.
MIM further consolidated his position and made it a competitive mechanical equipment. MIM can easily overcome the limitations of traditional metal processing technology in design and cost.
Allows the freedom to manufacture parts with complex shapes, while other methods are extremely expensive. It can mass produce micro-components, can produce characteristics that cannot be achieved by investment casting, such as small holes, thin walls, and fine surfaces, and can achieve net-forming characteristics, such as internal and external threads, irregular holes, and fine surface textures. Flowers, carvings, markings.

It has the scalability of output, making the production of parts from thousands to millions of parts fast and efficient.