Advantages of MIM technology


As a near-net-shape technology for manufacturing high-quality precision parts, MIM technology has advantages that conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting methods cannot match:
1. The complexity of the three-dimensional shape is equivalent to plastic injection molding
2. High accuracy (±0.3%~±0.1%), generally without subsequent processing
3. High relative density (≥95%)
4. Good surface finish, 0.8μm or better
5. The product has high mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, elongation, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and uniform structure
6. Wide selection of alloys, which can produce special performance parts that cannot be produced by other technologies
7. Good mechanical properties, equivalent to forgings of similar materials
8. High degree of production automation, simple process, stable quality, and continuous mass production
9. Cost is extremely competitive, usually saving more than 20%, and delivery time is short
10. No pollution, the production process is clean production